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Verizon Motorola E4 16gb Prepaid Smartphone

Are you digging for a Prepaid smartphone? Don't search more than the Motorola lenovo moto E4 16 gb black sprint Smartphone cell phone, this phone is manufactured with an 16 gb storage which means you can easily store and store an amount of digital content. Additionally, it comes with the opportunity to have multiple plans and options, making it straightforward to make the most of your phone.

Verizon Motorola E4 16gb Prepaid Smartphone Black

This is a gray Verizon clean cracked works Smartphone that needs a google key to unlock, it is an 16 gb phone and it contains no marks or markings that would require it to be un-kown of. The phone works correctly and grants no problems, this is a correctly working phone and needs no other addition than the key. The gb is an 16 gb Prepaid Smartphone that is damaged parts only and is asking for $10 for 6 months, the phone renders a Verizon logo and "moto e4" in small print. The Motorola logo is in green and "e4" in small print, the phone is titled "verizon Motorola E4 16 gb" and presents the phone number 617-921-9000. The phone renders been lost or damaged and offers only been used sporadically, it is in good condition with no accidents or damage. The left side of the phone is broken and the phone card is cracked, the phone still features than can be found on other smartphones in this condition. This is an unlocked Smartphone that is top-grade for you whenever wanting for one of the best Verizon models, this Motorola E4 16 gb Prepaid Smartphone comes with an 4 g lte signal and is excellent biz activities such as talk, talk, web browsing, and with black color, it will fit well in any decor. Don't miss out on this first-rate Smartphone today! The Verizon Motorola moto E4 is gb Prepaid Smartphone that is available for pre-order and will be delivered in late 2022, it is a powerful and easy-to-use Smartphone that is first-rate for loved ones. The moto E4 is an exceptional way for a person digging for a powerful and easy-to-use smartphone.