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Used Smartphones

Our samsung galaxy s9 plus unlocked smartphone 64 gb sm-g965 u s9 shadow is very good, you can get it at a very low price. It comes with a good camera and offers a lot of other features that make it a sterling surrogate biz shopping.

Smartphone Like Iphone 6

The tracfone moto g play is a first-class phone like iphone that provides an 1500 text message per month and 1500 minutes per month, it also imparts an 1 year of service with 1500 minutes and 1500 text. This phone is an outstanding surrogate for people who itch for a phone that can take care of itself and a phone that presents a lot of talk power and text message power, the tracfone motorola g pure is a best-in-class smartphone for people who yearn to have a high-quality communication experience. The phone offers an 1 year of service with 1500 text and 1500 mb of text capacity, it also provides a talking time of 10 talk time, making it an unequaled phone for long conversations. The google pixel 3 is a new phone from google that is frog, it is a phone that is manufactured for you and your needs. You can choose between a black or white color way and it gives an 64 gb storage, it is an unlocked phone and you can use it in your home or work environment. This phone is an unrivaled phone for enthusiasts who are scouring for a phone to make and a phone that they can use for; they have an unsecured and secret phone, this is a brand new, selvedge-made, samsung galaxy s8 active with an 64 gb memory card pocket. This phone is meteor gray and extends a black pinstripe fabric surface, the phone is with an useable screen size of 8 inch. The phone gives trend feel to it with a modern look and feel, the phone is and comfortable to use. With its modern features and design, the galaxy s8 active is a sterling phone for admirers who desire to enjoy life without having to worry about where their money goes.