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Tek Smartphone Projector

The Tek Smartphone Projector is a top-grade substitute to project your favorite photos and videos on up to 40 different screens, with its universal design and powerful resolution, the Tek is exceptional for biz marketer or video maker. Don't miss out on this essential tool for biz marketing needs.

Tek Smartphone Projector Walmart

Looking for a high-quality, affordable smart phone projector? Don't search more than the Tek Smartphone projectors, with up to 40 screens, you into any situation. The new Tek Smartphone Projector is an unique alternative that offers up to 40 screen options, making it a top-of-the-heap way for lovers scouring for a large-sized project, with a hardly beep sound and 1080 p resolution, the Tek Projector is unrivalled for smaller-sized projects. The Tek Smartphone Projector is sensational for creating dynamic or professional-grade projects, with its small form factor and lightweight design, it's top for taking projects to additional levels of productivity. The Projector also features a powerful set of light-based features that make it uncomplicated to project photo shootings or videography, the Tek universal smart phone Projector is available in open box and with an 40-screen display. The Smartphone Projector is an innovative design that incorporates all of the latest technology of smartphones into one go, with it mirror-like mirror and clear glass front, this Projector is designed to create a stunning projectable screen on top of any smartphone. The Tek Projector is new in box and will project 40 screens at 40" projectors, don't miss out on this opportunity to purchase your own unique and amazing Tek projectable screen.