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Smartphone Mini Projector

This small phone camera phone Projector is outstanding for creating portable home movies, tv shows, and games on your phone, with its Mini size and tiny camera, this Projector is first-rate for small home videos and projects. Plus, the Projector will project up to.

Mini Projector WiFi Movie 7000L Smartphone 1080P Android iOS 200
USED vankyo L3 PRO Mini Projector with Synchronize Smartphone Screen - 1080P
V2.0 Smartphone Projector DIY Mobile Phone Retro Theater Cinema Video New

V2.0 Smartphone Projector DIY Mobile

By Smartphone Projector 2.0


UC28C 1080P HD Mini Projector For Smart Phone TV Movie Projection Media Player
VANKYO Leisure 3 Pro Mini Projector w/ Synchronize Smartphone Screen Bundle

Mini Projector For Smartphone

This Mini Projector for Smartphone is dandy for use in public areas where large screens are not available, the Projector uses mobile app control to maximize brightness and clear vision. The Projector also offers Mini projectors for fewer devices and are often used to create small groups or displays at an event, this Mini Projector phone is a wifi wireless device that you can use to project your photos and videos over your phone's wifi network. The Mini Projector phone gives a resolution of up to 20 inch and can project images up to 4 feet square, it presents a battery life of up to 6 hours and is powered by it's own 1024 mb of internal storage. The smart phone Mini Projector is a top-grade little portable Projector that can project videos up to it grants a small, compact design that makes it exceptional for small spaces, the camera renders a capacitor type which allows for express video chat and video conference with other smart devices. The phone Mini Projector can project videos in up to 000 l size, the Smartphone Mini Projector is a top-of-the-line alternative to project the proceedings of a movie onto your phone's screen. This Projector also supports synchronize smartphone, so you can easily find and watch your favorite movies and videos.