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Smartphone Microscope

The 100 x-1200 x kids early education Microscope with Smartphone adapter is an outstanding Microscope for young kids who itch to learn science in a simple and straightforward way, the Microscope extends a with an 100 x-1200 x view angle and a manual focus system, along with a built-in phone adapter. This Microscope also includes a library of videos and images to help teach science at an early age.

20X Smartphone Microscope & Lighted Camera Adapter for iPhone & Android Phones

20X Smartphone Microscope & Lighted

By Sona Enterprises


Carson MicroFlip 100 250X Lighted Microscope-W/Smartphone Adapter Clip

Carson MicroFlip 100 250X Lighted

By Carson Optical


Smartphone Microscope Amazon

This app is puissant for shoppers who ache for a Smartphone Microscope with a lighted camera to take pictures and videos, the app imparts a store for use the Microscope on your own account and there are also support and videos to help new users get up and running. The Microscope gives an 30 x and imparts been designed to work with the iphone 6 and 6 there is moreover an android phone app that can be played on your phone, the app provides a simple interface and is well-made with a searching green camera and a heart-shaped Microscope lens. The small-sized iphone Smartphone Microscope is enticing for up your microscope! With the mini 100 x lens, you can make complete images or particles in just-ia micrographs, the Microscope also imparts a full-time display, so you can track your findings while they are being stored in your computer. This universal adapter will allow you your Smartphone Microscope to be turned into a smart phone camera, it allows you to take pictures and videos with the camera on the phone. This is splendid for use in research or as a Microscope study tool, this is a Microscope that uses an 30 x magnification lens on an iphone or android cell phone to previews and scans documents or photos. The Microscope also grants a comfortable andtangle-free design for admirers with connect-the-lenses abilities, the Microscope also includes a camera withbuilt-in camera for taking photos and uninsured photos with the microscope.