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Smartphone Holder

This is a practical cell phone Holder for admirers who itch to take their phone with them on visits to friends and family, the Holder also works with samsung galaxy smartphones.


14" Smartphone Screen Magnifier 3D

By MM Electronicles


Professional Camera Phone Holder Tripod Stand for Smartphone iPhone Samsung+ Bag

Professional Camera Phone Holder Tripod

By Unbranded/Generic


Smartphone Mount For Car

This is a practical Smartphone mount for car, it renders a clip for the phone and a tripod mount for the tripod. You can also use it for a self-photostick or camera, this is a good substitute for people who desiderate to take photos on the go. This Smartphone car mounts is designed to help keep your Smartphone in good condition and in good hands, it is an excellent addition for enthusiasts who appreciate to drive their cars. The mount is fabricated from magnetic material that keep your phone safe and secure, this mount is designed to keep your phone in place while you take pictures or videos. It imparts a sturdy design and allows for a large or tall Smartphone to be taken on or off of the weekly world news, this mount is again versatile for other activities, such as basketball, wrestling, or soccer. This mount is for the iphone 6 6 s plus and newer models, it is produced to protect your phone screen and provide some extra level of magnification for if you need to watch a movie or video on your phone. The stand can be for use with less effort, the mount is additionally thin and lightweight so it's basic to take with you on the go.